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Things Move Pretty Fast In The Garden


What A Difference!

Blink and you might miss things!  I take pictures of the garden a few times a week…not the same pictures, but similar…however, I do take the same shots at least once during that week.  That way I can document how things are growing, where they came from, etc.  I was working out in the garden this morning at around 6:30AM so I could get a couple of chores finished before the heat of the day made it too difficult to work outside (it became unbearable around 9:30AM).  Before I sought shade and a cool glass of water, I took some pictures.  Take a look at what a difference 21 days makes.  The shot on the left was taken on May 5th and the one on the right this morning…pretty amazing!

Stay cool this weekend, Happy Memorial Day and Happy Gardening!

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