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Entertaining with Spring Vegetables


Entertaining With Spring Vegetables

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch.  The interview and photo session were for an article on gardening that featured my potager as well as my culinary and medicinal herb garden. This article is associated with the Westgate Home and Garden Tour.   I was pleased about the article, but I thought I definitely have to tie this “story” together with what you would do with the vegetables and herbs once you grew them.  This is a dilemma I think many people face when thinking about starting a garden…what do I grow, and what in the heck do I do with it after I harvest it!

The only vegetables that are mature this early in the season are things that are perennial and are harvested now or were planted in late March or early April.  In my garden that means asparagus and radishes.

The interview and photo session were scheduled at 4:30pm so that is the time for tea.  I racked my brain to come up with something to do with these two vegetables that would be fit for an afternoon tea.  I came up with some innovative open faced sandwiches or what the French call Tartines.

The first combines the rich flavors or Boursin cheese, some amazing organic prosciutto and grilled asparagus and the second is a take on an old fashioned favorite bread with butter and radishes!  My spin, however is to blanch the radishes to take away some of their sting.  The radishes were the amazing China White Rose that I bought on my trip to Monticello last summer as well as some French Breakfast radishes.  I chose a French Chimay butter with a sweet rich flavor to compliment the radishes and topped the sandwich with a few sprigs of dill.  I also ordered a few pastries from my favorite patisserie Pistacia Vera.

You can’t have a tea party without tea, so I made a large container of sun brewed ice tea and whipped up my famous Lemon Verbena/Lemon Balm Syrup to flavor and sweeten the tea.

I was privileged to welcome these professionals to my home for a delightful afternoon of conversation and photographs.  This article will be running on June 2 for those that are interested and I will post a link if it is available.

Happy Gardening!

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