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Planting Day! Preparing For Fall Projects!


Seed Packets

Today was planting day in the kitchen garden.  I checked the soil temperature again today and I have had a week of consistent temperatures at or above 60 degrees.  That means it is time to get beans as well as gourd squashes seeds in the ground.  If you plant them earlier and don’t check the soil temperatures, your seeds will end up rotting in the soil and not germinate.  You also don’t want to wait too long to plant since most pumpkins, winter squash and gourds are long maturing plants (some taking up to 100 days)

So for the beans I am planting four varieties, the first is the French fillet Emerite bean I grew last year, I had such a good response from this seed that I wanted to grow it again.  I hope this year’s batch of seeds produces like last year’s.  The unusual pole fillet bean is available from Rene’s Garden I also wanted to plant some more varietal pole beans.  I selected a three color mix (deep purple, waxy yellow and standard long green) available from The Cooks Garden (see link to the right of the page for discounts!)  I planted these beauties on the back side of my espaliered tree trellises since the apple trees are still young.

Along with the beans I planted the delicious patty pan squashes I enjoyed so much last year and three types of ornamental gourds; The Turks Turban (there has to be a better name for that), Martin House and Cannonball gourds.  I have some ideas for late autumn, early winter  projects for these gourds so hopefully I will get a nice crop in my small space.

Everything else is plugging along in the garden, but I have noticed some pest issues I am going to have to deal with…but that is for another day and another post…so until then…

Happy Gardening!

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