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Drip, Drip, Drip…a story of two systems


I have been thinking about a drip irrigation system for some time.  They offer a slow and steady supply of water near the roots of plants so little is wasted and this method of watering minimizes blight in vegetable crops because soil is not splashing on the undersides of the roots.

I call this a story of two systems because my cousin in Massachusetts decided to install a raised bed garden and drip irrigation system himself this spring as well.  We decided to compare notes and photos this year to determine the best options.

His system (pictured center with my cousin), purchased from is a true drip irrigation system.  He installed it along the rows he will plant seeds and seedlings.  His system is fed from his rain barrels that live up the hill from his garden providing good pressure by gravity.

I am decidedly low tech in my approach to things (and sometimes painfully cheap)  so I thought about the easiest and least expensive options.   My “system” (pictured surrounding the center image) is simply lead hoses and two soaker hoses purchased from my local discount store also fed from my rain barrel and led through three of the beds in the garden.  My concern is the pressure as my barrel isn’t very high off the ground.

I like the look of my cousin’s system and frankly I am a little jealous…we will see throughout the growing season how his works as well as mine…..Stay tuned and Happy Gardening!

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