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Another Beautiful Day In The Garden!


What a day in the garden!  I spent the early morning planting some of my favorite vegetable crops.  I am trying to grow pumpkins this year, something I have never attempted before.  I am in love with the Antique French pumpkins known as Cinderella’s Carriage so I decided to try those.  I purchased a cedar a-frame hinged trellis in the hopes of containing some of the vines since the garden is so small, I am not sure how successful I will be, but that is the fun of gardening, experimenting with new things! Hopefully I will have a couple of beauties in time for Halloween!

I also planted the heirloom Cocozelle squash; this is an Italian variety of green zucchini that has yellow stripes in it and the flavor is marvelous…before the frost last year, I was able to eek out one fruit from the plant I planted in September.

I also added the brussel sprout and kale seedlings and took off the greenhouse from the early spring seedlings (radishes, beets, carrots).

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I also got a chance to work in my front yard; a place I am sorry to say I neglect quite a bit.  I am adding some planting space along my front walkway to add annual color and a place to plant the hundreds of Dutch tulips a friend of mine brought back from Amsterdam last fall that I never got the chance to plant.

Even though it is a lot of hard work sometimes, the soul nourishing I get from working in my garden is completely worth it!

Happy Gardening!

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