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Planting Day!


Our frost date is about a week and a half from today, but I have been tracking the weather as well as testing the temperature of the soil, so I thought it was a good time to get some of the vegetables planted.  Today i put in two kinds of cucumber, an heirloom ‘straight eight” and another heriloom variety of pickling cucumbers, I also planted two larger squash varieties, an Italian “delicata” and a spaghetti squash, we will see how they all do on my new trellises.  I did not start these plants indoors; most squashes (inlcuding cucumber) do not take well to transplanting, but direct sewed the seeds right in the ground and gave them a good watering.  With night time temperatures in the 60’s here in Ohio, these should be up and growing in a week or so.

I also took this opportunity to clean out about 3/4 of the lettuce that had been growing in the garden, it was overgrown and bolting.  I kept a small patch (about a square foot) for salads over the next couple of weeks while the new patch of lettuces get started under the cucumber trellises.  I will update with pictures as soon as it sprouts.

I reserved the tomato plants as well as the bay tree seedling for planting another day.  The tomato plants are still getting used to the outside in several hour increments each day for the next few days.  This also strengthens the plant and helps it grow strong.  I will more than likely build the tomato cages and plant them this weekend!

It is important to use frost dates, planting calendars and almanacs as guides to gardening.  It is equally important to learn your weather and understand your garden to make decisions for yourself.  Sometimes you will be right on the money and others you will learn lessons 🙂

Happy Gardening!

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