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Adding moving water


I installed my bird bath last spring to provide a place where birds and bees can take a break, get a drink, bathe and play and I have really enjoyed it as part of my garden landscape.  The only thing I really haven’t liked about it is the fact that the water goes stagnant very quickly, developing scum and mold within a week.  This is not only unattractive, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitos and no one needs more of those in the yard!

My solution was to implement a solution to get the water moving.  One option was to run electric and install a fountain in place of the birdbath.  That to me seemed a waste of money to replace something I just put in a year ago.  I scoured the internet and found a simple solar powered fountain that would go right in the birdbath and provide a spray of water, the sound of moving water and provide a little shower for the birds to play in.  My keeping the surface of the water moving or being interrupted, mosquitos would be unable to lay eggs!

Installation couldn’t have been more simple, take out of package and expose to light…the pump started working immediately after removing the fountain from the packaging!  I cleaned out the bird bath and added rock material to support and corral the fountain, added water, removed the plastic protective coat from the solar panels and placed the fountain in the water.  Once we selected the fountain head (or changed it out six or so times until we found the right one….the fountain contains four or five different options) we let the fountain go.

With full sun, the fountain provides a nice 18-24 inch sprinkle of water as the light dims, the fountain begins to work intermittently and once the light is gone for the night, the fountain goes dormant.

I really hope this little fountain provides a nice environment for the birds and the bees and helps to keep the water cleaner!

Happy Gardening!

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