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What Is In Bloom Today


While I am impatiently waiting to plant the vegetable and herb plants that are sitting in my sun room; I figured I would go out and document what is in bloom in the waning days of April.

As I stepped out, I noticed that one of the robins that frequents my back yard has taken an odd shine to the mirrors I installed on my garage.  I hope that once I raise them up and install them on it, he or she will stop trying to fight its reflection.

Moving through the back yard I found that the spring blooming clematis that shares the trellises with my rose bush has started to bloom, as well as the allium bulbs I planted last year…the flox is definitely still blooming away as well as the culinary sage plant is about to burst with blooms…I am not sure if I should pinch them off or see what kind of a show they will put on.  The lilies of the valley are prolific this year, more than I expected…I think it might be time to transplant some of them to my front yard and see what they can do there!  I also took a quick shot of the peas…they are climbing up the support I made for them…it is extraordinary what can happen in a month.

Finally, the salvia is starting to bloom.  I always look forward to that time because I know the warm weather and the prolific return of the bees is upon us.  I channel the Kelis song everytime it blooms…I sing “my salvia brings all the bees to the yard, and their life is better than yours…”

Enjoy these snaps!

Happy Gardening!

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