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I Can Almost Taste the Cucumbers Now!

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I spent part of a cold and windy (and nearly snowy) Earth Day building my cucumber trellises…the weather in my backyard was closer to winter than spring definitely, but I wanted to get this particular structural project completed.

Those of you who read my mirror blog a few days ago know that I had some left over pieces from creating the mirrors for my raspberry bed.  The top portion of the screen doors would be perfectly serviceable (with some slight modifications) as trellis supports to grow cucumbers.

Trellising cucumbers and vining squash gives better quality fruit, easier harvesting, and avoids soil-borne diseases, it also maximizes garden space because vines create shade for lettuce or greens planted underneath

I have seen trellises in garden catalogues and online that work the same way as what I made, and they cost anywhere between $25 for the smallest up to $60.  Fortunately with my leftover screen doors, my investment totaled $8 for the metal extensions.  I had already purchased the fencing material to make tomato cages and had a bit left over.

It couldn’t have been easier; I simply measured and decided how tall I wanted the trellises, added the metal supports and extenders to achieve that height and also be stable and screwed them directly into the posts.  Next, I added the vinyl fencing material cut to measure with my handy staple gun.

Adding vertical supports like this will produce better looking and better growing vegetables; it will also reduce disease and also help you maximize your space and growing season by providing a nice shady area to plant lettuce that would normally not thrive in full summer sun and heat!

Happy Gardening!

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