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Mirror, Mirror on the Garage!


Raspberry Mirror Project

I know I am not the fairest of them all, but I am pretty darn clever when it comes to the garden!

When you own a plot of land, you sometimes have to make do with what you have.  I have some amazing places to grow full sun fruits and vegetables, and I also have spots that aren’t quite ideal.  Such is the case of the location of my new raspberry bushes.  It is the ideal vista for them, but it doesn’t get quite the ideal amount of light for the berries…. I could whine and cry about my problems..and I will…for a moment…”whine”, “cry”…and I am done…all better 🙂

Anyway, when you have a location like this, you could give up and plant more shade loving plants there, but I had a better idea…why not add light to the area…and while I am at it, make it an interesting and attractive addition to the garden!

There is an old trick of using gazing balls in corners of the garden that don’t get adequate light, the reflective surface of the ball takes the light the area does get, and magnifies and reflects it onto the plants in the are, I thought I could use the same trick, just in a different way.

I dreamt up this crazy idea of using vintage window frames and to replace the glass with mirrors to add reflective light.  I searched and searched for vintage windows, but to my dismay architectural salvage windows start around $250….not within the budget!  So I came across in my area the Habitat for Humanity REStore and thought I would give it a try…it is a great place that does a similar thing to architectural salvage, but they offer it to the public for a lot less and the proceeds help fund future Habitat Projects…win, win.

So by luck I found two vintage screen doors with two by two lower sections….PERFECTION!  I can make my own window/mirrors for my garden, have some extra material for another project (and another blog) all for the bargain price of $10 each! I also purchased custom cut mirrored glass from my home improvement store for $10 each panel.  Round that off with a gallon of exterior paint that matches my house (I need it for future touch ups as well), and adhesive and my total project cost is under $60!

I started by separating the top and bottom panels with my trusty circular saw, then cleaned and sanded the cuts.  I put the top portion of the door aside for a certain cucumber trellis project I have in mind.  Next comes the paint!  Allow them to dry and then flip them over, use a little mirror adhesive and apply the mirrors…done!

I have set the mirrors up against the garage because I thought we were going to get some rain (do a rain dance now) and I haven’t fully decided how I am going to install them on the garage exterior…I may chose simple screws, but I also have thought about installing eyelets in the tops of the panels and using hooks to connect them to the wall…I like the look of that in my head…I will update you all when I decide.

I now have two mirrored panels that really look great in that space and will provide much needed reflective light to coax the berry bushes to their full potential.  Creating garden art is both fun and rewarding…particularly when it comes with such benefits!

Happy Gardening!

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