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Planting Day: Planting for root growth!


Spring Planting Seeds

Since the full moon was yesterday, today was a perfect day to plant root crops.  The early part of April is a perfect time to get hardy annual crops and root vegetables going in the garden.  The peas are pushing up and the soil (defintiely not the air) is warm enough for germination of these early vegetable crops.

Swiss Chard: this plant takes a couple of weeks to germinate and poke above the soil..the leaves are hardy enough to sustain mild frosts so they do well being planted early.

French Breakfast Radishes: these are a staple of my garden.  They are awesome on bread with butter as well as being marvelous blanched and tossed in a salad

Early Blood Red Beets and China White Winter Radishes from my trip to Monticello over the summer.  I am excited to try these varieties and see how they translate in my garden.

Two French Styles of carrots: these are my standard babette and short stalk carrots.  I may try another variety this year, but I am not certain…they don’t tolerate drought well and I have a feeling it is going to be a dry summer.

And against my better judgement, I am trying leeks again.  leeks started from seed tend not to do well in my zone, but I do try every year….and then I accept failure and buy starters.

These seeds are best started in the garden and not indoors.  They do not like being disturbed once they are planted and do well in the soil they will remain in until harvest.

Get your root and spring crops in soon so you can enjoy the early fruits of the garden and then they can make way for the bounty of summer crops!

Happy Gardening!

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