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Mid March is for Peas!


Pea trellis

There is an old saying that you should plant your peas on Ostara (the equinox)…others say you should plant them on St. Patrick’s Day (depending on your religious affiliation).  Regardless, the soil is just warm enough for germination and peas do well as a cooler weather crop. Peas are marvelous for spring dishes or even simply steamed.

The best way to grow peas is in loose friable soil that is fertile and well ammended.  You also would do well to have a structure for the peas to grow on.  There are a number of commercial products available to add structure to the garden, but for my peas a home made trellis will be perfect.  $8 worth of chicken wire is all I needed since I already have a staple gun and I have copious amounts of trim left over from any number of home remodels.

It is simple to measure out a four foot section of chicken wire…then double it so you have enough to reach the ground and the top of your four foot sections of trim.  Wrap your chicken wire around the trim and staple in place.  Repeat on the second piece, then add the second piece of chicken wire overlapping your first section.  You can use floral wire to connect the two pieces.

Place the trellis where you will plant your peas and you are ready to go.  Plant peas about three inches apart along the trellis line about two inches deep.  Cover over with soil and water deeply.  Hopefully you will get some good soaking rain in the few days that follow your planting to help your little babies along, but make sure you keep them damp and they will sprout in about a week.

When my peas are ready to harvest I will post a recipe that I make with them…until then…

Happy Gardening!

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