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Is It Time To Stage An Intervention?


I must ask the readers of this blog that if they see me heading toward or visiting a specialty plant or garden center, they should approach with caution and gently lead me out of the store, leaving all of the vegetables and plants behind.
Hi, my name is Ken and I am a garden-a-holic.
My problem started this year with some gift plants. A dear friend bought some cayenne peppers she was not going to be able to keep. I took them and gave them a loving home in a pretty pot, sitting at the entrance to the potager (pictured above), thanks Suzanne and Aubrey!
Well that humble gift has started a series of plant purchases. First it was peppermint (which needs to grow in a pot or it will take over your garden), then it was additional summer squash plants (can you really ever have enough?). Next was four additional varieties of tomato (Roma, an unusual gourmet white grape tomato, and two heirloom varieties). Finally I have added dwarf watermelon plants to a pot just to see if the pot can act like a “mound” and have the vines trail on the pebbles and grow a small melon.
While still attractive, the pot numbers are growing and I am concerned that because of my love and clearly, my obsession with growing, I will have a cluttered and utterly unattractive garden. Furthermore, I really don’t want to have so many plants that I find it difficult to care for them…kind of like those folks with far too many cats or dogs that you hear about on the news….can you imagine the health department or my local Extension office confiscating my beloved cucumber plants while I cry on camera….appauling.
Anyway, since I obviously have no control, please be on the lookout…I will be the guy with the glassy eyes hovering over the heirloom vegetable section muttering to myself “ If I get rid of my deck chairs, I will have room for another 5 pots to put these in”.

Happy Gardening

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