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Kitchen Compost


A month or so ago when we purchased the composting system and placed it near the garden, the intent was to collect yard waste as well as kitchen scraps to decompose and add to the garden next year. The challenge then became to find a container for the kitchen that would collect the daily composting items (coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, egg shells,etc.) that would be later transported to the outdoor composter.
Kitchen composting is easy if you remember that no meat scraps go into the compost, only vegetable matter, coffee grounds, nut shells, egg shells, etc.
I looked at several options; anything from a stainless mixing bowl to a miniature version of a trash can specifically designed for kitchen compost. While the trash can was cute, it really did not go with my kitchen and I did not want to place the vessel under my counter (space is at a premium in my kitchen if you can believe it). What I settled on was a pretty enamled metal canister (pictured above)with a gasket sealed glass lid that will keep any oders down, the item is washable and easily transported. The canister came from Ikea (available in stores only). You can find similar items at your local Ikea or kitchen supply store, pick one that coordinates and looks natural in your kitchen.
Soon, you will be adding nutrient rich scraps to your ever growing compost pile; dreaming of that day next year when those simple scraps will be marvelous friable compost that you will use to ammend yoru garden soil…I can’t wait!

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