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Humbled (Part 1)


I have been waking from a dream for quite some time….each new experience lifts the veil and the clouds over my mind and spirit a little more. I have always been a lover of nature and hopefully a good steward of the planet we live on, but I have been a victim, like many, of the feeling of separation and dominance over nature.

Over the last few years, that feeling has been abating…by immersing myself in nature by gardening, being out in nature and feeling the interconnectedness of everything is, by making this connection a spiritual pursuit. Each of these experiences enriches my mind and nourishes my soul.

My most recent experience was on a trip out west. I had the opportunity to visit and tour the Grand Canyon for the first time in my life. To say that it was a humbling and awe inspiring visit is an understatement. At first the cloud bank obscured most of the canyon and I thought the 5 hour ride was going to be a bust, but the clouds cleared and I caught glimpse of the canyon for the first time. I was literally moved to tears. The clouds continued to clear and the view became more and more spectacular. I felt the power of nature by seeing how it can carve and create the landscape. The spirit of the land in this area is ancient and very, very present.

The pictures I took simply cannot do this wonder justice. In this post, I have included a panorama shot I created, but in my next I will create a composite image for you to enjoy.

While the garden is resting and recuperating in my own back yard, I am committed to stay out in nature and bring those experiences back to you!

Happy Gardening!

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