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Halloween Candle Making!

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Halloween or Samhain is a traditional time to make candles since it marks the start of the pagan new year and also a time when (at least the Northern Hemisphere) enters a time of darkness.
Since the day was sooo cold, I decided to stay in all day. Aside from a little housework and the completion of the apple butter, I decided to make candles to commemorate the holiday. These candles will be gifts for the later winter holidays.
I made Lemon Verbena and Sage Candles with essential oil of Lemon and Sage. These are perfect candles to be burned in the kitchen since the are in jars and the scents are complimentary, but they can be burned anywhere in the house (following safe practices of course). I added powdered herbs that I dried from the garden. Herb lore tells us Lemon Verbena has the energy for purification and love. Lemon brings longevity, purification, love and friendship, while Sage’s energy is for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and inspiration. I can’t think of a better gift to give to my friends and family than these energies!
I added the herbs to the brick of pure beeswax being melted in a double boiler. I also added some natural green pigment for color. Once the wax was melted I added the essential oils and blended. I placed the waxed wicks in the jars I selected (these are fantastic Italian canning jars!) and used only soy wicks. I anchored the wicks with a little melted wax and poured the candles in sections to avoid the wicks slipping. I supported the wicks with some handy chopsticks.
Once the candles cool completely, you will probably find a depression near the wick, simply melt a little more wax, add color and fill in…trim the wick once the candle cools and close up the candle. Package as you like and keep for yourself or give as a gift. I hope these gifts will bring my friends and family comfort and light!
Happy Gardening!

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