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Greenhouse Update


A few weeks back I put the new greenhouse kit on half of one of my raised beds. This kit, from provides a 4′ X 4′ covered space to extend the growing season. With the cool late September, I thought for sure we would be getting frost near the first of October…well it is the second week in October now and the weather has turned to “Indian Summer” with highs in the upper 70’s. Harldly a need for a greenhouse I thought.
However, as the picture above illustrates, the greenhouse raised the temperature enough to simulate summer conditions inside and really enhanced the growth of the vegetables inside. The first picture is the califlour, brussel sprouts and lettuce I planted outside the greenhouse. The picture on the right is what is inside the greenhouse (broccoli, radishes, carrots and lettuce)…there is a dramatic difference!
I am going to harvest the radishes tonight and then put down another crop as well as carrots and see how they reach into the colder months with my new favorite thing!
Happy Gardening!

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