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The Greenhouse Kit! Season extending techniques


I was so excited when my greenhouse kit for the raised beds came a few weeks ago, I hope that it extends my growing season by several weeks if not a couple of months (depending on the severity of our early winter here in Columbus).
The air over the last few weeks has been steadily getting cooler and before we get into a situation where the crops are stunted or worse threatened by frost, I thought it best to put the greenhouse kit on one of the beds.
The kit, provided by fits on the raised beds I purchased from them a couple of years ago. The fabulous thing about this system is that they include extra parts in case you don’t have their raised beds. These parts adapt to your bed so you can still use their greenhouse kit. Another advantage of this system is if I want to expand it (and I might after I see how long it extends the season) it is easy simply to add framing pieces and zip together two of the heavy guage plastic domes.
The set up took all of 10 minutes of laying out the parts, reviewing the instructions and setting it up….super easy and it looks great. The greenhouse has flaps and bird netting to allow air flow and venting that can be covered over with the plastic flaps to protect the crops when the air cools down at night!
For ease of construction, I give it a 10, we will see how it works and I will update you!
Happy gardening!

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