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Feelings…who who who…feelings


Self help books, Oprah and my therapist are always talking about how good it is to express our feelings so I am going to do just that….but just for a minute 😉
Today was the first major garden clean up day. The butternut and pattypan squash plants have come to the end of their lives. I pulled what squash were left to be harvested and then removed and composted the vines, thanking the plants for the wonderful yeild this year dispite the weird weather. I also harvested the last of the green beans and composted those vines as well. The peony plants were cut down to the ground since they were brown and wilted.
This time of year always stirs emotions for me…I am a bit melancholy since the biggest part of the growing season has come to an end and I know that fall and winter are not far behind. I am also extremely grateful for the garden and the wonderful and delicious things it brings. I am also resigned that much of the garden will be resting this year, but I am also hopeful that my new greenhouse kit will allow me to eek out some cold loving greens for the majority of the winter.
There are still many more things in the garden; tomatoes for a couple more weeks as well as eggplant. I am planting broccoli transplants this week since my seedlings were eaten by a garden visitor as well as all of the cold weather crops that are coming up; lettuce, radishes, carrots…so while this is a bit of an ending for the summer garden, it is a beautiful and quiet beginning of the fall garden.
I wish everyone a peaceful and safe Labor Day and Happy Gardening!

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