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Planting Day!! Rewind the Clock!


No, it isn’t time to set the clocks back quite yet, but it is a return to spring in the garden. When the oppressive heat of summer recedes here in Ohio in late August and the first part of September, it is time to plant…or I should say re-plant spring favorites. And that is just what I did yesterday.
I planted several pea plants and some longer season carrots a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday I removed one of the patty pan squash plants and that left nearly 8 square feet of planting space available for fall crops. A shorter season (57 day) carrot, french breakfast radishes and four square feet of a mix of spring and winter greens (spring mix mixed with chickory, red radichio).
This is also the part of the bed that I will be putting the new greenhouse attachement I purchased to try and grow some greens throughout the winter (more on that later). Even without protection, these plants should go until our first killing frost, then the radishes and carrots should come out before the ground freezes.
Enjoy your spring…oh, I mean your fall garden!
Happy Gardening!

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