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Summer Harvest: What to do with all those squashes?


I really like how prolific the patty pan squashes have been this year, they have produced delicate white squash, slightly yellow and also a more hard skinned yellow squash…at times the harvest has been nearly overwhelming, but I keep either dry storing the hard skinned squash and cutting up and freezing the thin skinned variety. Last night I was invited to a dinner party and needed to bring a side dish. I came up with Summer Squash and Leek Fritters! These are similar to the Latkes I make at Hannukah with potatoes and onions.
I had a few leeks that were ready to come out of the garden so I cleaned them thoroughly and sliced them thin, to the leeks I took three medium (5-6 inch diameter) patty pan squash, removed the seeds and grated them on a box grater. Next I added salt and pepper to taste as well as approximately 3/4 cup AP flour. I beat two eggs and added it to the mixture to bind, then heated about a half inch of oil in a skillet (a combination of grapeseed and olive oil). I dropped about two tablespoons of squash mix in once the oil was at temperature and flattened the mound. The fritters are fried until they are golden on one side and then flipped to do the same on the other. Drain on a paper towel or leftover paper bag.
I took these to the party and warmed them in the host’s oven…they were definitely a hit and gone super quick!
Happy Gardening!

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