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Planting Day! Fall Crops


The full moon was last night, which means yesterday and today are optimal times for planting. In addition, the weather this morning was nice and not too hot! Perfect conditions for planting the first of the crops that should take me into winter.

This morning, I planted peas along with one of my obelisk structures, in addition I planted the first planting of lettuce (the weather should support two or more successive plantings). I also put down a small crop of carrots to begin, once the squash plants are removed, I will put down more. I also planted beets and radishes. It is almost like beginning at midsummer, the planting season goes into reverse with the crops you plant in the spring now being grown in the fall. Along with the broccoli and brussle sprouts I planted a couple of weeks ago, my fall garden is ready to go!

To prepare the soil, I simply tilled in the grass clippings I have been placing on the top of the garden as mulch to aerate the soil and provide nutrition. Planted according to package direction and watered the seeds in throroughly to ensure maximum seed to soil contact!

Happy Gardening!

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