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Field Trip: The Cleveland Botanical Gardens


I used to love field trips when I was a child. The Planetarium, Cranbrook Science Institutem The Detroit Institute of Arts. It was always marvelous to get out of the classroom and into the real world and learn new things about science, art and culture. I still love field trips…I try to take myself on a field trip or “artist date” once a month at least. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, just somewhere I can be surrounded by the things I love and am inspired by; plants, trees, food, art, etc. My latest field trip was last weekend to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens!

Founded in 1930 as the Garden Center of Cleveland, the Botanical Garden has evolved into a treasure. Located on 10 acres on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, the gardens are also flanked by the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum. The CBG boasts 20 specialty gardens and two enormous biodomes featuring two distinct plant and animal habitats.

I specifically went to the gardens to look at the herb garden that was built and is maintained by the Western Reserve Herb Society. According to the Herb Society of America, this ranks as one of the top 10 herb gardens in the country. I love the use of space, the aesthetic..just everything about it. Please visit the CBG website for more information about planning your visit at and please enjoy this sampling of pictures I have posted….jinkies…I hope to one day figure out flickr so I can post an actual photo album 🙂

Happy Gardening

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