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Cue the Angelic Choir! The Tomatoes have arrived!


GLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOUUUUUS! Well that is the only angelic line I know…from Angels in America…but I heralded the arrival of the first tomatoes of the season last night. Four tomatoes came from my heirloom plants. One, an Amish Paste tomato, a plum style variety that makes excellent sauce. and the others I picked were Orange Russian, an orange, lower acid tomato. The other two plants (German Pink and Brandywine) have not ripened yet, but will any day now. I am very pleased with the production of these varieties and will definitely try them again in next year’s garden if their yeild is sufficient!

To celebrate, I am having a traditional french baguette for lunch with Camembert Cheese and one of the tomatoes sliced up!!!

Happy Gardening!

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