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Whomp Whomp Whomp


I came out to the garden last night to find both of my summer squash plants almost dead…I think the eradic weather (hail last month, record heat and horrific thunderstorms this month) may have had something to do with weakening them as well as the opportunistic sunflower that grew right between them. I had to pull them both out as well as the sunflower. The sunflower will supply some black oil seeds for the birds for the next day or so…it isn’t a total loss.

I went to the nursery today and bought (on a good sale) some Italian Cocozelle zucchini seeds which are fast maturing (45-50 days). With a warm fall, I should be able to eek out a few to freeze for the winter. I am unhappy about the plants not lasting until the end of the season, but I did manage to get quite a few squash off the plant over the last few weeks so I can’t be too displeased.

Happy Gardening!

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