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Keep your mind out, but your hands in the gutter(s)


This blog is about the beauty and success of a garden. However, to truly inform, I think it also has to highlight lessons learned. You will recall that a couple of weeks ago we installed a rain barrel to collect rain water for our garden. It is a great thing to do and will provide water for the garden all season long.

The lesson learned is that you will collect more and better quality water if you clean out the gutters you are collecting from. I looked out our second floor window this morning and discovered that the gutters were chock full of debris from the sour cherry tree we recently removed. This severly hampered the gutters from doing their job of collecting and transporting clean rain water to our barrel.

Once cleaned out, the water flows cleanly and rapidly, filling our rain barrel to capacity once again!

Lesson Learned!!

Happy Gardening!

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