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Using Herbs: Soapmaking

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Part of growing herbs is using them, earlier I posted some of the medicinal uses of herbs; but today I am going to talk about using them in cosmetics, specifically soaps. Everyone uses soap (or at least they should…you know who you are), but most people buy these chemically scented harsh soaps that do more damage to skin that care for it. I prefer a more gentle and natural approach.

Yesterday I made two small batches of soap from herbs from the garden. I started with an all-natural goat’s milk soap base…I hope one day to learn how to make it, but for now, I purchase it from Soap Molds and More

Goat’s milk is nourishing and soothing to the skin and makes a wonderful base for soap. Once I have my base, I add magic from the garden.

As I said, I made two varieties of soap yesterday. The first with Irish Steel Cut oats combined with dried spearmint from the garden ground to a medium fine consistency. This combined with the soap base to make a soothing green refreshing and nourishing blend!

The second variety is what I call “Three C” soap. It contains Calendula, Chamomile and Comfrey. Calendula is known for its skill healing and soothing properties. Chamomile is relaxing and comforting and comfrey is a skin healing herb. Both soaps are marvelous for every day use but for those who have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, these soaps can provide much needed relief!

I made about two pounds of each variety, poured them into my molds and let them cool. Once cooled and released from the molds, I “wash” the soaps in heavily salted water which allows the outside of the soap to cure and makes the bars last longer.

These beauties will be stored for my own use as well as be made into gifts for friends and family!

Making your own soap is just one way to use the bounty of nature that we cultivate in our gardens.

Happy Gardening!