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Patty Cake, Patty Cake…um..ooops Pattypan!


Patty Pan squash is a summer squash, notable for its small size, round and shallow shape and scalloped edges, somewhat resembling a flying saucer. While some might be tempted to toss them around like a frisbee, they are best for eating!. The name Pattypan derives from” a pan for baking a patty”, in French, it is Patisson which is a Provencal regional name for cake.

I am growing a seed variety that is supposed to produce yellow, green and white although all I have seen thusfar is the white.

I decided to make squash soup with these beauties that I picked this morning along with some summer squash I picked the other day. I am going to can it for use later as well as give as gifts. I left the squash on the vine a little too long so it is too big to cook whole as the squash is most tender when it is relatively immature.

The pattypan squash is a powerhouse of nutrition in a little package; rich in magnesium, niacin and vitamins A and C. And it is light on the diet with a cup of squash containing only 20-30 calories with NO fat!!!

Happy Gardening!

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