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A New Year, a New Garden and a New Virtual Home

March 14, 2012 by admin | 0 comments

2012 is definitely a year of change…I am in a new relationship with a marvelous man who I never thought I would meet, I am planning a lot of new things for the garden and I have moved my blog to my own hosted site!

When I started out with my blog, it was really just for me to write about what was going on in my garden for my own amusement.  But it has become much more than that, it is a teaching tool for me to learn and to teach others about organic gardening, cooking and many other things.  The readers have grown a bit and it was time to invest in my own hosted site and say thank you to blogspot for hosting my site for the last four years.

What having my own site will do is allow me to expand content at appropriate points, add photo galleries rather than composite images so visitors can see each step of a recipe or each image captured during a project, I think along with good information and solid text, that feature alone is worth the move.

I will be playing with the look and feel of the blog over the next few months so check back often for changes with that as well as I hope great information!

Happy Gardening!